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SOJA AUSTRIA texturized soy protein (TSP)  

is a textured soy protein which naturally absorbs flavors during cooking or frying. It is available in four different shapes in different sizes. The shapes are described as MINCE, CHUNKS, SLICES.

SOJA AUSTRIA TSP has a high water binding capacity, high protein content and can be used as a meat substitute. Even after freezing and defrosting, the structure and coarse-grained character of SOJA AUSTRIA TSP will remain.

SOJA AUSTRIA TSP is defatted in a purely mechanical process. Our production process does not involve the use of soy isolate or soy concentrate. Hence, our product is free from chemical residues and shows no off-taste.

It is a natural product with a protein content up to 50 %. Our state-of-the-art production process enables us to create a compact textured soy protein.

SOJA AUSTRIA TSP is gluten-free and available in conventional and organic quality.

MINCE has the finest texture and can, for example, be used as a meat extender in burgers. It is also ideal for making Bolognese sauce. Click here to watch videos on the use of MINCE in the preparation of burgers, meat strudel and Bolognese sauce.

CHUNKS are large pieces of soy for use in stews and goulash. Click on the video link to watch how CHUNKS are used in the preparation of a soy ragout.

SLICES are oblong pieces perfectly suited for use in wok dishes. Click here to watch the preparation of a wok dish using our SLICES.

Recipe videos with MINCE


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