Providing premium-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

SOJA AUSTRIA has pioneered the manufacture of non-GMO soy products and has specialised in the world-wide distribution of non-GMO soy products, which have become essential ingredients in the recipes of the most important food companies in Europe. Because of our gentle processing methods all types of products retain their natural components such as protein, fat, vitamin E and lecithin.

We only sell top-quality products which undergo strict annual checks in order to guarantee utmost product safety for our customers. All our products comply with the following standards:

IFS certificate Highest Level

HACCP standard

Valid IT

Kosher certificate

Halal certificate

Cert ID


Our organic product range is also certified to “Bio Austria Garantie” and “Bio Swiss”.

We do not act merely for the moment but we want our actions to contribute to the long-term wellbeing of our customers and employees. Therefore, we put great emphasis on non-GMO products, clean water and long-standing relations with our staff, farmers and customers.

We strive to maintain our long-standing relations with local farmers which have partly been going for generations. The quality of the raw material we use depends to a large degree on the good quality of the soil and the proper cultivation of the plants. In order to ensure this continuity in the future we regularly invest in our production facilities and in further training of our staff. We have made it our top priority to always ensure timely delivery of our premium-quality products.
Sustainability can only be achieved if we ensure the protection of our environment at the same time. A large share of the electricity we require in our production processes is provided by our in-house hydropower system. In addition to using non-GMO seeds we practice annual crop rotation to keep the soil fertile. Consequently, we do not need any fertilizers. By observing a “philosophy of short distances” our employees ensure the efficient use of resources.

SOJA AUSTRIA ihas been firmly rooted in the region for generations and we have maintained a partnership with the local farmers for almost as long, never getting out of touch with our employees and customers.

The majority of our staff have been with us for many years. As a family-run business we regard our employees as part of our extended family and provide them with continuous further training opportunities. We also make it a point to promote young talent.



Our production process runs as a closed loop in three shifts. We purchase our production machines from a renowned manufacturer and adapt them to our needs. A computer-assisted control system helps to reduce down times during maintenance work on the production machines, thus avoiding delivery delays. Emergency plans and a dedicated team of mechanics who are available 24/7 ensure the smooth operation of our production line.


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